Juliana Laury Archivists

Juliana Laury Archivists compose personalized curations of family history through hand-bound anthologies and honest documentaries. We use original photographs, artifacts, and personal interviews as road maps for a clean, classic, minimalistic volume.  It’s from these pieces, that we begin to build the library of your legacy.

In the end, it’s for the child who clambers onto his grandfather’s lap as he struggles to push the worn leather album through his fingertips; His eyes full of curiosity as he immerses himself within the stories that connect him to his past.  Because to remember where he came from is part of where he is going.

Coming Soon | Juliana Laury Archivists

Coming Soon | Juliana Laury Archivists

  Directed & Shot by Rebel Film Productions...Read More


Directed & Shot by Rebel Film Productions